Process Engineer

Join us in the development and innovation of the Company’s manufacturing processes.

Procter & Gamble has more than 100 manufacturing plants worldwide. P&G Rakona in Rakovník is the 10th biggest one. Position of a Process Engineer will give you an opportunity to perform an independent and interesting job with own responsibilities, and allow you to grow by continuous learning. Our Process Engineers are responsible for a part of product making or packing process, or an area in logistics or planning.

Manufacturing Process Engineer

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What is the job of Manufacturing Process Engineer about?

Manufacturing Process Engineer is a starting position for the management career within P&G product supply. The word "process" in the name of the role tells a lot; process engineer is responsible for a part of making, packing or logistic process since the first day of work at P&G. This includes responsibility mainly in the following areas:

  • basic process results, e.g. process reliability, quality, safety
  • leading new projects and initiatives e.g. new equipment start-up, new materials implementation, process capacity increase
  • active improvement of the process, e.g. breakdown reduction, material flow optimization, energy or material savings,
  • daily communication with local and central engineering, Research and development organization, other P&G plants and suppliers
The example of processes can be the following:
  • packing line of washing powder packing (cartons, big plastic bags etc.)
  • Rakona plant internal logistics processes
  • production system of dish washing liquid
  • final mixing of washing powder making of washing powder


Successful process engineer has to have:
  • analytical skills, ability to work with data and information
  • ability and willingness to solve problems
  • initiative in changing things and openness to change
  • communicative level of English
  • willingness to learn new things and grow
  • leadership skills, ability to lead a small project team

The role of process engineer gives independent interesting job with own responsibility and great opportunity of continuous learning new things. The On-boarding process for each new process engineer is set according to the role and individual needs. It helps to quickly acquire both functional and soft skills and get ready for next step in the P&G career either in Rakona or other P&G production site, general office or market development organization. The comprehensive training plan including experience from other P&G plant is set for each new manager. A mentor - senior P&G manager - is coaching and helping new hire to succeed in his/her role.

Who can apply for a job in a Procter&Gamble production site?

All university graduates of:

  • all technical, chemical or logistic programmes 

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